• Valentyna Moyseyenko Bogomolets National Medical University, MD, PhD, Professor
  • Inna Burzhynska KNP “Kyiv City Center of Nephrology and Dialysis”, head of outpatient dialysis department No. 1
  • Andrii Nykula Bogomolets National Medical University



acute renal failure, acute kidney injury, marathon runner, pubic bone fracture.


Introduction. A running marathon is a running sports competition over a distance of 42 km 195 m. How do the kidneys react to a long run? Muscular and urinary systems are closely related both at the physiological and functional level. When a person performs physical work, the quantitative and qualitative composition of urine changes. It contains substances that were usually absent or were present in urine in small amounts. As a rule, moderate physical exertion contributes to an increase in diuresis, while high-intensity exercises lead to a noticeable decrease in diuresis. After participating in the marathon, it is necessary to urinate regularly, avoid excessive loads on the back and follow a balanced diet.

Goal. To describe a clinical case of untimely diagnosis of acute kidney failure, which occurred after a runner’s marathon, and a fracture of the lower left pubic bone after inappropriate manual procedures performed to eliminate pain in the lower back, which also occurred after a marathon, to analyze the dynamics of laboratory and instrumental indicators.

Materials and methods. Review of modern and foreign sources, analysis and discussion of a specific clinical case; methods-description, analysis, abstracting.

Results and their discussion. A specific clinical case of acute kidney damage, acute renal failure, nephritic syndrome (oligo-anuria stage) after a running marathon, as well as a fracture of the lower left pubic bone after inappropriate manual procedures performed to eliminate pain in the lower back, which occurred, is given and analyzed, also after the marathon.

Conclusions. With a sufficient level of adherence to treatment, a significant improvement in the patient’s condition is possible after the excess of creatinine, protein and urea in the body is eliminated. This in turn will contribute to the normalization of diuresis and the general condition of the patient. With the correction of nutrition, rationalization of the diet and compliance with the doctor’s recommendations regarding treatment, it is possible to transfer ARN to the recovery period. Temporary partial limitation of working capacity for the period of inpatient treatment and rehabilitation. Compliance with the recommendations of a traumatologist.


Хронічна хвороба нирок / Внутрішні хвороби. Підручник заснований на принципах доказової медицини 2018/2019. C. 957-966.



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Moyseyenko В., Burzhynska І., & Nykula А. (2023). ACUTE KIDNEY DAMAGE, CAUSED BY A LONG MARATHON RUNNER. Actual Problems of Nephrology, (30-31), 69–75.

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