• Omur Aslam United Kingdom, Royal Surrey County hospital, Egerton, Rd, Guildford, GU2 7XX, biomedical scientist
Keywords: kidneys, heart, cardio-renal syndrome


Introduction. The kidneys and heart rely on each other to function properly. For the kidneys to function, they require adequate blood flow, oxygen delivery and nutrients. If heart failure develops, cardiac output is reduced, which results in decreased renal blood flow, which can lead to reversible and sometimes irreversible kidney damage. For the heart to function, regulation of extracellular volume is required. If the extracellular volume is too low, the volume of blood is insufficient to maintain cardiac output, and if the extracellular volume is too large, fluid leaks out of the capillaries, resulting in edema.
Purpose. To study the relationship of the dynamic balance of the “kidney-heart” system in health and disease.
Material and methods. Review of modern and foreign literary sources; methods – description, analysis, abstracting.
Results and its discussion. 5 forms of cardiorenal syndrome, peculiarities of classification, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, dynamics of imbalance in the “kidney-heart” system, issues of correction of these disorders are analyzed. They include the treatment of kidney diseases and cardiovascular pathology, prevention of the development of cardiovascular failure in accordance with modern recommendations; diet; quitting smoking, alcohol, nephrotoxic substances; control of body weight, blood pressure, glycemia; the use of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, angiotensin receptor antagonists or angiotensin receptor blockers, statins; decrease in intra-abdominal pressure and others.
Findings. Approaches to the prevention and treatment of cardiorenal syndrome in patients with kidney and heart damage are important. It is necessary to develop and introduce new approaches to nephroprotection in patients with cardiorenal syndrome, which is possible with the joint work of a multidisciplinary team.


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