• Valentina Moyseyenko Національний медичний університет імені О.О. Богомольця, Київ
Keywords: primary amyloidosis, nephrotic syndrome, diagnosis


Introduction. Primary idiopathic amyloidosis is a
systemic disease characterized by deposition in the amyloid
organs and various clinical manifestations.
The purpose. Describe the clinical manifestations
and analyze the dynamics of laboratory parameters in a
patient with primary amyloidosis with predominant kidney
Material and methods. Common laboratory and
instrumental methods of research. Blood test for Bens
Jones protein and the presence of amyloid light chains.
Results. Based on the data obtained from clinical,
laboratory and instrumental studies, primary AL (λ-LC)
amyloidosis was established. Our patient’s blood test on
09/24/19 showed a predominance of free λ-light chains
(168 mg/l at a rate of 5.7-26.3).
Conclusions: Different forms of amyloidosis have a
different clinical picture and the course of the underlying
disease, which indicates the complexity and multifactorialness
of its pathogenesis in different clinical syndromes
and requires timely diagnosis.


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