• Olena Loboda ДУ «Інститут нефрології НАМН України», м. Київ
Keywords: chronic kidney disease, hemodialysis, prolactin, anemia


Aims: To determine the relationship of prolactin (PL) levels with the frequency of anemia and the level of cardiovascular events in patients with CKD VD stage.
Material and methods: A prospective cohort study included 55 patients with CKD VD stage with anemia. Serum prolactin levels were determined in all patients.
Results and discussion: 24 patients (44%) had normal levels of PL, and 31 (56%) patients had elevated levels of PL. It was determined that PL had a negative correlation with hemoglobin level (r = -0.42; p = 0.01), as well as a negative correlation with albumin level (r = -0.38; p = 0.02). The frequency of cardiovascular events after 12 months. In patients with elevated levels of PL was significantly higher than in patients with normal levels of PL: 17 events (55%) vs 4 events (17%) (χ2 8.4, p = 0.004).
Conclusions: The prevalence of hyperprolactinemia in our study was 56%. Elevated levels of PL are associated with lower levels of hemoglobin, lower levels of albumin and an increased frequency of cardiovascular events.


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